Gee Kingdom Three Layer Inflatable Swimming Pool – Best Buy

Gee Kingdom Three Layer Inflatable Swimming Pool – Best Buy

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Dimension (L x W x H) : 200cm x 140cm x 60cm

Material : Polyvinyl Chloride PVC

Pattern : Cute Mikoko

Available Color : Blue, Pink


Product Features:
– Durable and thick.
– Recommended for baby/kids (Suitable for above 3 age)
–¬†Check regularly for leakage and tears.
– The using of plasticizers conform to the toy standard.


Not a life-saving device, please do not use in the water. Children should be under adult supervision to use, do not leave baby alone.

Note :
– Please do not over-inflate the product, 80% is appropriate, and cover the air nozzle tightly after inflation to avoid air leakage.
– During inflation or use, avoid contact with sharp objects and keep away from fire.
– Do not fill with oxygen, gas and other explosive, toxic and harmful gases.
– When adjusting the water temperature, put cold water first, then hot water.
– Please use it on flat ground.

Care instructions :
– Wipe clean with a soft cloth and let dry naturally.
– There is important information on the color box, please keep it for future use.

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Blue, Pink


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