Ladie’s 2pcs Short Sleeve Swimwear With Short Pants

Ladie’s 2pcs Short Sleeve Swimwear With Short Pants

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*Soft and comfortable stretch fabric.
*Resists chlorine, sand and sun block oil.
*UV protection.Quick dry and durable for long time use.
*Material : Nylon Spandex

Care Instructions :
Rinse your garment before use. Aviod contact with rough surface.
Sun Oil & Chlorine can damage fabric, Rinse in cool water immediately after used.
DO NOT dry under direct sunlight.
DO NOT bleach or use detergents.
RInse well, drip dry out of direct heat or sunlight. Don’t shake the suit.
DO NOT spin or tumble dry.
DO NOT use iron / hair dryer to dry garment after wash
Vibrant colours of “Fluorescent” garments cannot be guaranteed to be completely colour fast when exposed to chlorine, salt water and sunlight. Slight fading will occur.
DO NOT pack or stone when wet and leave rolled up when wet or in wet towel.
It is highly recommended you do not water your swimsuit in spas.

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